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In.ecent years, the advertorial emerged. जन्मस्थ केतु शक्ति देकर सफल जीवन का मार्ग प्रशस्त करेगा। The following is a list of newspapers printed and published in India . This is a way to avoid duplicating the expense of reporting. First major newspaper in India was The Bengal Gazette. fugal Kishore Shukla. सातवें गुरू शुभ है। If the newspaper offers information on-line, web masters and web designers may be employed to upload stories to the newspaper's website.

ONLY ONE CHINA China says Taiwan is part of one China, ruled by Beijing. It regards the island as a renegade province, to be united by force if necessary, and ties have become strained since Tsai took office in May. The previous Nationalist administration agreed to recognize the "1992 consensus", which states that there is only one China, with each side having its own interpretation of what that means. The eight officials who went to Beijing came home to a storm of criticism for being lackeys to Beijing's one-China policy. One of them, Liu Tseng-ying, chief of Matsu, a group of small islets off China's Fujian province but held by Taiwan, told Chinese officials that he wanted more Chinese to visit Taiwan's smallest county. "I said I hoped Chinese tourists can increase to 40 percent of the total," Liu told Reuters. China's Taiwan Affairs Office head Zhang Zhijun agreed to expand trade and travel specifically between China's Fujian province and Matsu and Kinmen. Both Taiwan-controlled islands lie closer to China than Taiwan. Group tourists เดลินิว from mainland China, which Beijing can effectively control via state-run Chinese travel agencies, fell 71 percent year-on-year from October 1-18, Taiwan data showed, coinciding with China's National Day holiday, a Golden Week for travel for Chinese. The sector was also hit by a bus fire in Taiwan in July that killed 24 mainland tourists.

Main.rticle: Weekly newspaper Weekly newspapers are published once a week, and tend to be smaller than daily papers. नवम केतु पूज्य है। पत्नी पक्ष से सहयोग मिलेगा व धन की प्राप्ति भी होगी। In India Hindi is the largest circulation paper followed by English and Urdu. 1 For a list of newspapers by circulation, see List of newspapers in India by readership . दाम्पत्य जीवन में कुछ तनाव आ सकते हैं। This innovation made newspapers cheaper ไทยรัฐ 16/6/59 and thus available to a larger part of the population.